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The aim of the Romanian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics (RSPAB) is to promote cooperation between the scientists interested in the application of biophysical concepts and techniques to the fundamental study of living systems at the macroscopic, single-cell and molecular level, with beneficial applications in medicine, biology, biotechnology, engineering and not only.

RSPAB supports the community of Romanian Biophysicists by:

  • organizing scientific meetings (biannual national conferences with international participation, international meetings, schools and workshops etc.);
  • publishing the Romanian Journal of Biophysics and supporting various forms of dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • affiliation to international professional associations;
  • facilitating the access to the information in Biophysics domain;
  • developing a common language among scientists involved in the development of Biophysics at scientific, technical and applied levels;
  • stimulating the establishment, among its members, of co-operative programs on diverse subjects, especially interdisciplinary, and, even assuring the management of national and international programs of study or research;
  • proposing academic curricula on Biophysics and promoting the biophysical research in universities;
  • recommending academic and research programs to authorities, etc.


The Romanian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics is a scientific association, a non-profit making organization, founded in 1990.

The Society is open to graduates and undergraduates who share the stated purpose of the Society to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge in Biophysics. The Society’s members work in academia, industry, and in government agencies in Romania and/or abroad.

RSPAB is acknowledged by the Romanian Academy as a representative scientific body for Biophysics in Romania.

RSPAB is affiliated to:


RSPAB members are benefiting from reduced fees at scientific events organized by the Society. RSPAB offers bursaries to individual young scientists to participate to the events organized by EBSA, IUPAB or other scientific entities (calls are announced on the society website).

As Adhering Body to EBSA and IUPAB, RSPAB may receive support in the form of grants to the Romanian organizers of biophysical scientific events (details EBSA, details IUPAB Furthermore, SRBPA members are eligible for EBSA working visits grants (details, they may apply for bursaries to attend scientific meetings (details EBSA, details IUPAB, they have free access to the European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters.