Organization and members

The Society is open to graduates and undergraduates who share the stated purposes of the Society to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge in Biophysics. The Society’s members work in academia, research, hospitals, industry and government agencies in Romania and/or abroad.

RSPAB is organized in branches grouping members from the main Romanian academic and research cities:

  • Bucuresti Branch
  • Cluj Branch
  • Iaşi Branch
  • Timişoara Branch
  • Tg. Mureş Branch
  • Craiova Branch

RSPAB is run by the General Assembly which meets every two years in ordinary sessions or more frequently in exceptional sessions if needed.
RSPAB is administered by a Council elected for four years by the General Assembly.

RSPAB members are benefiting from reduced fees at scientific events organized by the Society.RSPAB offers bursaries to individual young scientists to participate in events organized by EBSA or IUPAB (calls are announced on the society website).

As adhering body to EBSA and IUPAB, RSPAB may receive support in the form of grants to the Romanian organizers of biophysical scientific events (details EBSA , details IUPAB). Furthermore, SRBPA members are eligible for EBSA working visits grants (details), they may apply for bursaries to attend scientific meetings (details EBSA , details IUPAB ), they have free access to the European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters (link available by e-mail).

Regular members

RSPAB is composed of individual members who pay the following fees:

Type of member Affiliation fee Annual membership fee
Senior (over 35 years) 12 lei 60 lei
Junior (35 years and under) 6 lei 30 lei
Undergraduate student 3 lei 15 lei

The affiliation fee has to be paid once when someone becomes member of RSPAB. If a person loses the quality of member and wants to join back the Society he/she is supposed to pay again the affiliation fee.

The fees can be paid by cash to the Branch Treasurer or by bank transfer (transfer tax is covered by deponent). For back transfer use the following information:

Societatea Română de Biofizică Pură şi Aplicată
Raiffeisen Bank, Agenţia Lujerului, Bucureşti
Cont (LEI): RO98 RZBR 0000 0600 0326 2388
CUI: 13034870

Please, indicate as reason for payment the following: nume+taxa an.
Receipts and invoices are available from the Treasurer of the Society.

Honorary members

The title of honorary member is conferred by the Society Council to persons who render or have rendered outstanding services to RSPAB. This title bestows upon the recipient all the rights of members, without the obligation of paying annual fees.

RSPAB honorary members:

Radu Grigorovici
Institute of Physics and Technology of Materials
Magurele-Bucharest, Romania

Daniel Lavalette
Président de la Société Française de Biophysique (2002-2006)
Institut Curie (INSERM U350), Orsay, France

Gheorghe Mateescu
Department of Chemistry
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland – Ohio, USA

Eberhard Neumann
Department of Chemistry
Bielefeld University, Germany

Charles Pasternak
Professor of Biochemistry of London University
Oxford International Biomedical Centre, UK

Ian C.P. Smith
Institute for Biodiagnostics
Winnipeg, Canada

Wilfred D. Stein
Dept. of Biological Chemistry
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Karel Wirtz
Department of Biochemistry of Lipids
Utrecht University, Netherlands

Council members

Function Period
2018-2022 2013-2018 2009-2013 2005-2009 2001-2005
President Dan Mihăilescu Adrian Neagu Ioan Turcu Eugenia Kovács Ioan Nicolaescu
Vice-President Mihaela G. Moisescu Dan Mihăilescu Adrian Neagu Tudor Luchian Aurel Popescu
General Secretary Monica Florescu Mihaela G. Moisescu Mihaela G. Moisescu Ioan Turcu Eugenia Kovács
Treasurer Tudor Savopol Tudor Savopol Tudor Savopol Tudor Savopol Octavian I. Doagă
RJB Editor in Chief Maria-Luisa Flonta Maria-Luisa Flonta Maria-Luisa Flonta Constantin Dimoftache Constantin Dimoftache
Bucharest Branch Pres. Beatrice-Mihaela Radu Dan Mihăilescu Dan Mihăilescu Aurel Popescu Eva Katona
Cluj Branch Pres. Ioan Turcu Ioan Turcu Mihai Lucaciu Vasile V. Morariu Ioan Turcu
Iaşi Branch Pres. Dorina E. Creangă Viorel Melnig Viorel Melnig Valeriu Rusu
Timişoara Branch Pres. Monica Neagu Monica Neagu Monica Neagu Monica Neagu Iosif I. Nagy
Tg. Mureş Branch Pres. Julianna Szakacs Julianna Szakacs Julianna Szakacs Ioan Nicolaescu Mihai Olariu

Craiova Branch Pres.

Eugen Osiac

Censors: Bogdan M. Matei