Prizes and Fellowships


Fellowships (reduced registration fee)

A number of 10 fellowships with a reduced registration fee (100 RON) will be awarded to students. If you are a student and you want to apply for a reduced registration fee, please send an e-mail to Prof. Dan Mihailescu ( by 30th June 2018, with your CV, abstract, and a proof of student. You will be announced by e-mail by 15th July 2018, if your application was received.

Prize for excellence in Research

If you have published in 2017 a good research paper in an ISI journal in the field of Biophysics or a related topic, please send an e-mail with your application to Prof. Adrian Neagu (, or to Assoc. Prof. Mihaela Moisescu (, by 30th June 2018.

Prize for full article submission in Romanian Journal of Biophysics

If you want to apply for this prize please submit a full text article to Romanian Journal of Biophysics by 31th August 2018. Please follow the guidelines indicated on the website of the Romanian Journal of Biophysics (

Best poster prizes

Three best poster prizes will be awarded.


Accepted fellows
1. Bîlc Alice
2. Dragomir Isabela Ștefania
3. Iancu Stefania-Dana
4. Luciu Rodica-Mariana
5. Mirescu Andrada
6. Plesca Ioana
7. Popescu Roxana Cristina
8. Rusu Calin Mircea
9. Sterbuleac Daniel
10. Tivig Ioan Cristian